Eating Algerian Pasta Bullets or Berkoukes

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Care for some Pasta Bullets ? (Cousin Sam)

Berkoukes or pasta bullets are a traditional staple in Algeria. They are made using  the same process as cous cous, except in a larger size.  Taste-wise, it's like pasta, except chewier... and I'm all for chewy foods! Boba pearls give me the same level of satisfaction, I might add.

I was introduced to this dish when I was in Tomboctou (Timbuktu).  In the picture above, the berkoukes were cooked before being tossed in tomato-based sauce (the only similar taste I can relate to is ketchup) and mutton. I am guessing the mutton had been simmering for some time, hence the meat was tender and not at all tough.

Anyone besides me thinks that "pasta bullets" sound cute? Where can we get some Berkoukes?! An alternative that's more readily available and no less yummy would be 
Les Moulins Mahjoub Couscous M'hamsa Tunsia nom!


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