Dinner for a friend at my shoebox apartment-Part I

Friday, August 13, 2010

Location: Winnie's shoebox studio
Food: ??? You tell me, Yvette.
Service: 10.0/5.0 (free food, full service prep and cleanup, a/c, I cleaned up my apartment which took me n hr, great company, no faults there.)

In case my friends are reading this, I'll be going back to Singapore for a vakay next week. That's right, I kid you not because I'll be spending December in the US this year :( Anyhoo, before I leave, I need to empty all the fresh ingredients I have in my fridge. There is nothing I hate more than food wastage and if it's still viable, I'll be sure to use it, even after expiry dates, which I think is a mere number. So there. 
I invited my friend Yvette over because we were supposed to go out for a sushi dinner but I decided on cooking instead and she seemed enthusiastic so it turned out well.

Fresh Food* to be eaten, I have:
smoky andouille sausage
chinese sausage aka 'lup cheong'
vine tomatoes
almost bad quince
cream cheese
black olives
white peaches

wild blueberries from Maine
french bread (ancienne)
korean fish cake
brie cheese
*this does not include food in the pantry and frozen food, fyi

Therefore, for dinner, here's my lineup
1) SALSA-tomatoes, avocado, olive, corn, evoo, sel gris, garlic, pepper, apple cider vinegar (from Montreal)
2) w/ mini tortilla cups (not shown)

3) Spanish Frittata (omelette)-with andouille sausage, corn, broccoli, eggs, milk, a dash of sake, a sprinkle of paprika, a hidden handful of chinese anchovies. No potatoes, or it'll be called tortilla (y patatas) instead.

4) bread pudding-left over french bread from Clear Flour bakery, eggs, butter, milk, raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg. Garnished by my dying mint plant and summer raspberries!
The pudding looked a little too dry (blame it on the chatting!), so I drizzled grade B maple syrup and left over milk to increase moistness. But upon tasting it, the "dryness" on top was actually from the inherently crusty french bread, which i buttered so it was pretty good texture if I say so myself. So, crispy on top and moist on the bottom. Outdid myself this time. 

Another cook out perhaps to finish the remainder? Too bad my shoebox studio is too small to accommodate large parties!!! Unless my friends are willing to host? *big hint* Hahahha, you can even see my ghetto breakfast-in-bed fold table in the background :D


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