Making simple and tasty 1 hr pickles before dinner

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My dad has the most extensive selection of peelers, shredders, mandolins, zesters which he buys constantly at food equipment demos. Ironically, he has never used them with the exception of the peeler for fruit and proclaims that there is a special "technique" involved. So as a family bonding activity, sister not included, I enlisted a peeling-shredding-slicing session using the tools amassed and the abundance of carrot and cucumbers sitting in my family kitchen. I got some distilled white vinegar and generously sweetened it to taste as my stock liquid. Just cover the veggies with the sugared vinegar in the fridge for at least an hour and serve. They also keep indefinitely and remain sweet and crunchy as an accompaniment for whatever. Enjoy!

Dad assembling the pickle jar
Mum gathering thin cross-sections of carrot and packing them into tight rosettes.

Building and packing and layering veggies of different cuts and shapes.

As an afterthought, I threw some goji berries in for more color. 


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