2 Brunches at M. Wells & Tom's Restaurant, Brooklyn, Nyc

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Quebeco-American cuisine" in an old chrome diner at M. Wells.
Menu at M. Wells. Thank god I took a pic of it cos it's not available on their website etc.

M. Wells Diner
21-17 49th Ave

Long Island CityNY 11101

(718) 425-6917

Food: 4.1/5.0
Service: 4.5/5.0--> Yes I'm easy when people send over free dessert.

It was a sweaty trek to the diner but my experience made it worth the while. The menu was an updated version of regular diner food--interesting and satisfying, without an overload of grease for flavor. What was kind of a bummer was that most of the dessert menu was sold out, so we didn't get a chance to try all the desserts we wanted...but they sent over plates of complimentary desserts (not pictured cos I kinda forgot)! Service was uber friendly and attentive too. Given the opportunity, I would love to return to sample the rest of the scrumptious menu!

Egg and Potato Hash with smoked cod-flaky smoked cod, hash and crunchy onions + silky eggs perfectly cooked and runny, made for great texture. Yummers!

Cubano Sandwich, roasted pork, pickles, mortadella, Gruyere-Never met a Cubano I didn't like. Crispy, buttery bread, meats in the right proportions... Nom!

Tom's Restaurant
782 Washington Ave.
BrooklynNY 11238 
at Sterling Pl.

Food: 3.4/5.0
Service: 3.8/5.0

Tom's diner is said to be an institution, having been in business for about 70 years. Upon entering, I felt somewhat nostalgic in it's dark and homey decor, complete with ancient, sputtering a/c. I settled in at the bar as I came alone, and pored over the menu. Since their menu said that they were known for their egg creams, I promptly ordered one to start. I wish I had known that egg creams don't actually contain eggs, cream, nor ice-cream but syrup, milk, and soda water :/

Having heard good things about the diner, I am guilty of raising my expectations, which obviously clouded my judgement a little. I found the eggs benedict mediocre, with the crispy fries being the highlight of the plate. If a regular greasy spoon diner is what you're looking for then Tom's the place. My ny brunch exploration continues elsewhere.

Vanilla Egg Cream-tasted bland. I'd rather have a real milk-shake.
Great fries, over-crisp and dry sausages (ordered on the side), ham was a little plastic-ky, and hollandaise sauce seemed a little artificial, definitely had better.


Anonymous said...

This looks very good. I am still pretty new to the city and am looking for different restaurants, reasonably priced to try. I have been using City Maps to help find new places and adjust to the city. What are your favorite places for the upper east side??

Rockrose Development said...

It's a good thing that you tried M. Wells in Long Island City...they just announced that they are closing their doors at the end of this month. Hopefully they will reopen in a new location, their food is certainly exceptional.

Winnie said...

Wow, thanks for the headsup, Rockrose. I had no idea about they were closing!

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