Dinner at Char No. 4, Brooklyn, NYC!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Pickleback. I requested for 1 shot of whiskey and 2 shots of pickle juice.
Char No. 4
196 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201-6409
(718) 643-2106

Food: 4.0/5.0
Service: 4.2/5.0

While waiting for our friends to arrive, we polished off 5 drinks between the 3 of us. I finally got a chance to sample a pickleback! Boston bartenders look at me weird whenever I request for one, and then return to tell me that they don't have picklejuice (when they serve pickles on their burgers). Anyhoo, pickle juice does makes a regular whiskey taste extra special! The brininess adds an additional layer of complexity and at the same time, tempers the burn of fiery whiskey (even if all I do is take small sips). Someone told me that this combination originated in the South-> To minimize the diuretic properties of alcohol, truck drivers chase whiskey with pickle brine, which cause them to retain water. Genius!

Back to the food at Char No. 4, I thought that the appetizers, entrees and even dessert were all done well. The service was also prompt, attentive and friendly. They also gave me more pickle juice at no charge when requested! Comments to follow.

Crispy cheddar curds with spicy pimento sauce-crispy shell, tender, chewy curds went well with the piquant sauce. Ordered this twice cos people snapped it up too quickly.

Smoked & fried pork nuggets with Char No. 4 hot sauce-we ordered this twice too!
Chicken liver mousse with rhubarb-bourbon mostarda & grilled sourdough-Dressing was nice and smoky; liver mousse smooth and refreshing.
Chicken-fried smoked pork loin with roasted turnips, carrots, peas & mustard-molasses sauce-Could be a tad rarer. Nom-worthy all the same. 
Bacon-JalapeƱo Cornbread-Yummers! Bacon anything is great.
Cornflake crusted crab cake with lemon bay leaf sauce-no complaints here :)
Shrimp & Grits-neutral on this dish.  
Smoked Half Chicken with olive oil crushed potatoes & preserved lemon-tarragon sauce-In terms of entrees I liked this the most--tender meat and soft potatoes mopped up all that lemony sauce. Mmmmm
S'mores Pie with caramelized marshmellow-WOW! In general I'm not a fan of smores because I don't fancy the plasticky taste of Hershey's but this dessert was just spectacular from the crust to the filling to the burnt marshmellow topping. Not gonna lie. I was pleasantly surprised.


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