NYC Grub Crawl and Wandering Weekend-Day 3 (Sunday)

Monday, June 14, 2010

[This series of posts are not entirely about food!]
Our first stop was an unplanned, oh-i-think-i'll-try-this venture around Tiff's neighborhood. Ultimately we got complacent about research and we got a little too comfortable with the high hit rates of good food in NYC. After all, the bad ones get eliminated quickly, right? Beware, because Los Primos has been lurking around for ages, catering to hipsters (in the early am's with nowhere to go) whose tongues must be desensitized with drink.
Us girls were conned into entering this establishment with their enticing $9.99 paella. Sounds like a good deal cos paella usually costs about $20-$30++. But this was the worst $10 I've spent this weekend. Los Primos didn't even bother to cracking the crab for us. When I tried to signal to the waitresses for a shell-cracker, All of them made blatant effort to ignore me so I gave up. Paella was too dry, too salty, not tangy enough and worst of all, the seafood was stale and rank. Fearing for our lives, Tiff and I terminated our tasting upon discovering that the seafood was mushy. Not a good sign.  Bad food and lousy service plus the excessively-neon and gaudy interior were all cosmic warnings to run! Unexpectedly, they made a decent soursop smoothie and cuban sandwich with tender hunks of pork, ham and provolone cheese. But Cuban sandwiches are one of those things that are difficult to mess up, you know? Winning formula of toasted bread, melted cheese and ham! I went to Yelp after this and it seems that other reviewers shared my distaste for Los Primos too. Urgh. 

Most disgusting paella ever. Do not order this visit Los Primos!
Yummy Cuban Sandwich. Which you can get at any place that serves them. Still, no compelling reason to return.
Brooklyn Flea Market
I went there to check out stuff but the selection paled in comparison to the Renegade Craft Fair (which sold high-quality, hand-made art and crafts)
Stuff at the Brooklyn flea were mostly marked-up thrift finds. Yawn. I bought a feathered headband here and wanted a new piece instead of the display and the seller gave numerous excuses (blah blah just made). When I went back home, the feathers were broken off. Think about it. Feathers are flexible and are not supposed to be that brittle! Some glued bits came off too. Urgh. quality Fail.
After a disappointing time at the Brooklyn flea, we ventured off to Park Slope and dropped by Gorilla Coffee. I'm not a coffee person and I spent 2 hours sipping their frosty iced coffee (not shown) and people-watching. Gosh, there were so many filf's (and milf's) and good-looking people around + good food I considered moving to this zip code. After a successful haul at Beacon's Closet (hello, Phillip Lim bib top!) we settled in for another frosty concoction, just more adult this time.
yummy Los Pollitos Sangria. loved the bite-size of the apples. Wish they gave more. 
alking towards Washington St, you see all these colorful murals around a school. Loved the grandma's.
and the towering, inspirational lady at 781 Washington ave.

Tiff, not caring for the likes of my (food) photography, trudging ahead.
The Islands
Tiff brought me to this hole-in-the-wall Jamaican place which was run by 2 older ladies who were so cute and friendly. I chatted with them for a bit and urged them to come to Boston and open their restaurant there :) Service was very very slow (1 hr for food to arrive) but the food was so so so good that I cannot help but rave about the place. One of the best Mac and Cheese I've had and hands down the Best Jerk Chicken I've had. OMG. The mac and cheese as you can see is baked to perfection. Beneath the thin cheesy crust is a bouncy and soft cake of egg and macaroni. So so good. It came piping hot and I had to remind myself not to finish it before the mains arrived.
We tried the curry shrimp and while it was very good, it reminded me of Thai food.
The Star of the night. Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Well-roasted. Crispy on the outside, fall-off-the-bone on the inside. The beans and rice were appetizing and I loved the stewed cabbage and salad as the sides. I would come back here again, no hesitation!
The Majestic Brooklyn Museum. 


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