Brunch at Orinoco and Exploring Boston's SoWa Market

Thursday, June 17, 2010

HungryChemist's moving home so we wanted to explore Boston together. Since returning to Boston inspired by the Renegade Craft Fair(see here),  we made plans to visit an open market like SoWa after having brunch in the South End. We started off by getting some sticky buns (Flour Bakery) and then making our way to Orinoco.

477 Shawmut Avenue
Boston, MA 02118-3838
(617) 369-7075

Food (3.5/5.0)-based on what I had and low value-for-money brunch
Service (3.4/5.0)-based on the slow service + forgetting my drink + not apologizing after being reminded.
Yours truly is mellower on Sunday. I wasn't even that bothered by the fact that everyone's eyes widened in shock at the super tiny portions served (except for hors d'oeuvres, never seen them this small in the US, ever). HungryChemist's other half was not amused--M was whining throughout the day in response. The food, once served was ok. It was tasty because of the imported Guayanes cheese, but the arepas were hard to cut with a knife. B and I agreed. Her's were so much better.
B ordered a tamarind juice but mine was forgotten; towards the end I didn't care for it so whatever. When quizzed, the waitress just smiled (?) and walked away...Would it be too assumptive to blame it on the second language? A sorry would be nice too.

Trio De Empanadas
 cazon, domino, and mechada empanada with signature mojo-M was not happy at all. He likened it to a less tasty Indian samosa, to which he said was cheaper and bigger too.
Chicharronada-stewed pork with onions, tomatoes and guyanes cheese.
Hmm, no tomatoes and no onions... I can't even remember if I had pork.... that's how small it was. Was not happy with the arepas. Incredibly tiny portion (2.5-3 inches wide?) Very hard and difficult to cut. The imported cheese was yummy though.
Arepitas Dulces - infused with panela and star anise with berries and passionfruit reduction, or seasonal berries with passion fruit reduction-
It was TINY!!! 3 inches wide x 2 pieces, split between B and I. Taste-wise, I liked the accents of anise but.... nothing stellar.

SoWa food stalls. it was a dreary day but temp-wise, just the way I like it.
So after a disappointing brunch at Orinoco (apparently dinner is better at the other location), we made our way to SoWa. 
Sherbrook Farms-brightly-colored jams
Plants for sale
Whimsical wall art, cups and teapots
HungryChemist got jewel-tone pendants.
Looks kinda like gumdrops
Awesome idea of growing plantlets in teacups.
I got myself a necklace too. *guess! (answer at the end)
Nice rings! But we were more enamored by the live moss growing on the plate. Feels soooo good to touch. In fact, we spent more time chatting with the seller about how she plucked it off some rocks by her home.... oops. And after that it was shopping at this amazing millinery shop and boring shopping on Newbury St. followed by dinner at Stephanie's. Ciao! (kinda lost steam towards the end)

*The tiny chair!


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