Food Travels-Barcelona, Spain

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

After France, I landed in sultry Spain and my first night was nightmarish at best! After getting miserably lost on the way to where I was to be staying (2 hr delay), I had no idea that street numbers ran bi-directional and waited for my host, R. to pick me up (3 hr delay). Armed with apartment keys, I got lost once again in the apartment building as I realized finally that I was on a wrong half-floor (!!!) and was messing with keys to another apartment (30 min delay). I believe I scared the bejeesus out of some poor family. Lastly, after reaching the correct apartment, the keys wouldn't open (30 minute delay). I later learned, counter-intuitively, that I needed to turn 2 keys at once (wtf to the max) So yes. I arrived in Barcelona at 6 pm and didn't make it to the apartment until 12 midnight.

Stranded along the Ramblas before giving my tootsies a well-deserved rest at some plaza.

Determined to set the next day straight, I visited the Sagrada Familia, of perpetual construction.

 Barcelona Cathedral and geese.
Belgian waffles and ice-cream was sooooo good under the sweltering heat.
Walking along La Rambla.
Casa Batll√≥. Gaudi's an effing genius. 
No trip would be complete without a visit to the markets and checking out Jamon! Yummers!
Dream come true. Mmmmm. I splurged to get some Jamon Iberico and it was heavenly!
 Paella Negra, made with squid ink. Mineral-y and umami with tender morsels of seafood. Also stained my teeth, giving them a greyish hue. Hot!
MNAC. Beautiful dancing fountains and modern art.

 Slabs of moist eggy cake sold by weight at a night market.

Overall, my short stay in Barca boasted of tapas, paella and copious amounts of sangria and bootleg whiskey. Wonder if I'll be able to afford El Bulli someday.....


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