Food Travels-France Part Deux. Paris.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Back to the city after a weekend in the Loire valley, just in time for Bastille day!
Hanging out at the Basilica of Sacre Coeur, Monmartre.

Art for sale.
Moulin Rouge, Pigalle. The iconic windmill.
Guess who got interviewed by a French reporter? I replied "Ooh Lala" and "viva la France" in response to whatever she said.
Catching a glimpse of the first spark in the sky, right next to the camera man.
At the Trocadero, Waiting for a good Spot for the Fireworks on Bastille Day.

After a tiring night of jostling with rowdy people and someone who (unsuccessfully) tried to pickpocket me on the Metro, I set things straight the next day with Pierre Herme's Macarons!

Guess who spent 80 Euros on pastries? To be unveiled after dinner. 

My friend M. brought me to the marche to do some shopping and made me dinner. The lineup: 
Seared Duck liver salad
Horse Steak. It was a tougher, gamier version of boeuf. Food list. Checked.
For dessert, From Pierre Herme:
Apricot Mille Feuille (Finally managed to pronounce it!)
Raspberry-Pistachio topped off with a meringue
Chantilly cream with apricot jelly and gold leaf


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