Birthday Dinner at The Regal Beagle! A neighborhood gem.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

308 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 739-5151

Food: 3.7/5.0
Service: 3.9/5.0

After walking by The Reagle Beagle for what seemed like the nth time, plans were made by Eve and I to catch up and have a nice cozy dinner close to our neighborhood. I've heard really good things about TRB for a while now, plus I was looking forward to affordable eats and a nice cocktail after a hectic week in NYC. We loved the dark but inviting interior and the option of ordering drinks while waiting for our table--perfect for date night! Service was pleasant and our waitress was helpful and attentive. TRB had an extensive cocktail menu of interesting and appetizing drinks. Although we both decided beforehand that we were only going to have one drink, we couldn't help but order another; they were really good! The next time I'm back, I would love to try out their Ritz-truffle Mac n Cheese and almond gazpacho. Doesn't it all sound nommilicious?

Tuna Tartare-truffle soy vinaigrette, cucumber and orange. 
Delicious. The tuna was seasoned perfectly and had lots of bounce. 
Special, Cornmeal Crusted Local Black Bass over a Watermelon- Red Pepper Gazpacho with Fregola Sarda & Green Beans-This dish was not salted/salted well enough. After sampling the savory truffle-soy vinaigrette, this dish seemed bland in comparison. Fish was a tad overcooked. Love the intense orange of the gazpacho :)
Special, Ricotta Gnocchi wtih Bacon Lardons, Roasted Mushrooms, Arugula & White Wine Butter-We enjoyed the gnocchi which had a delicious smoky flavor. Mushroom added additional meatiness to this simple, rustic dish.
Coconut Creme Brulee-whipped cream and roasted pineapple. I couldn't decide if I liked it or not because I loved the fresh toppings but didn't fancy the custard as much.


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