Birthday Nibbles and Drinks at 94 Mass Ave. Great for big parties!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ginormous Green tea chiffon and azuki cream cake.

BostonMA 02115
(617) 927-4900

Service started out disorganized and iffy but gradually became better towards the end of the night. Considering that the party had over 35 people, service was actually pretty decent! I recommend 94 Mass Ave if you're throwing a large party because they have no minimum charges and no cake-cutting fees. The manager was also super friendly and 
accommodating as she suggested holding my party in the bar area with high-top tables so people could walk and mingle instead of locking people in at the large communal dining table.
As my party was more of an apps and drinks affair, most of us had dinner before. Despite this, I couldn't resist ordering the truffled Mac n cheese and the lobster grilled cheese because I knew that I would be well-sloshed before the night was over. Sloshed was putting it lightly as friends bought constant drinks and my hands alternated between double-fisting to quadruple-fisting. As my vision blurred and my speech grew impaired, naturally so did the food/drink photo-taking as I sampled most of the cocktail menu. My favorite was the Sienna, which had elderflower, yuzu and basil. The remaining sounded good on paper but didn't quite hit the spot. The corn margarita and music major (with the avocado) was too funky for my tastes.

We got a huge green tea cake which was light and refreshing from Yi Soon Bakery. I forgot to add that the theme was "Rejuvenation"--with a Cake of Youth. I definitely depended on the support of my friends: my co-organizer Melissa, other bff's like Billy, Nupur, Jeannine, Keith, Sachin, Pedro who made sure to drag me to Hong Kong @ Harvard Sq for greasy eats after the libations. Instead of rejuvenation, I might have regressed to my undergrad days as I entered the crazy third dimension of drink-induced flashing lights and a warped sense of time and space. Funny story later: Keith tried putting leftover cake in my fridge and found out that the box wouldn't fit so he proceeded to saw away at the cardboard box for 5 minutes in the kitchen. In the dark. With everyone surrounding him. No one was speaking. Time remained at a standstill. So surreal.

Best Birthday Party Ever.

Truffled Mac And Cheese peas, broccoli, mushrooms-Delicious but a tad expensive

Lobster Grilled Cheese creamy brie, muenster, tarragon, brioche bread, lobster tomato bisque-grilled cheese was cold. tomato bisque was luke-warm. 

sienna: spiced rum, elderflower liqueur, yuzu juice + fresh basil- favorite drink so far.
art major: earl grey iced tea, cocchi americano, orange liqueur - it was good but I missed having some acidity
575: blood orange margarita- good, not great
blue cat: corn margarita w jalapeno garnish-not very appetizing
music major: avocado, lemon, simple syrup, gin, salt n pepa martini-not appetizing
first: aperol aperitif w sparkling wine + oj -ok
book club: cucumber, vodka, lemon +mint - second favorite drink
+++ Jagermeister shots 

Blue Cat. Skip it.
Music Major. Skip it.

Hydrate, Hydrate!!!


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