Making Taiyaki using my Fish-shaped, Cast-Iron Mould :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

After trolling the www for a dependable recipe, I settled on CookingwithDog's taiyaki video. Other recipes I've tried in the past had batters that were way too runny/deflated. I wanted a mix that would maintain its shape and have the same dense but soft crumb I was used to having back in Singapore/Japan. I found this fish mold at my local HMart some time ago and had this craving for some stuffed pancakes while watching the NBA Finals so... here it is! I had a jar of kaya lying around so filling it became.

FYI, i loved the Japanese-accented commentary in "Cooking with Dog" + the blurb on making your own white bean paste from scratch. I laughed when someone commented "I wish people worked like white beans. 'Soak in water overnight until wrinkles are gone! :D'"

Overall, the batter did give taiyaki that held its shape mostly (deflated a bit), so I'll stick with this as a primary for further tweaking. 

Taiyaki Recipe (adapted from here)
- Taiyaki Batter - Makes 6 fishies.
100g or 1 cup Cake Flour 
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
2 tbsp Sugar
1 Egg 
100ml or 1/2 cup Water
White or Black Bean Paste

Prep dry ingredients: Sift cake flour, baking soda and white refined sugar through a sieve.
While stirring the flour mixture with a whisk, pour the egg and water in the center.
Gradually blend in the egg and stir the mixture thoroughly.
Mix until all the lumps have disappeared and you get a smooth batter.

Cooking notes
1. Lightly heat both the sides of taiyaki pan, coat the inside of the pan with vegetable oil.
2. Pour some batter into the pan, place the bean paste or whatever filling on top.
3. Pour the batter over the filling.
4. Close and flip the taiyaki pan.
5. Cook until both the sides are golden brown.
6. Remove the taiyaki with a bamboo skewer and trim off the edges of the taiyaki.

 Ta Daaaa!


Anonymous said...

The fish-shaped mould is really nice. My kids like it.

May I know where you bought it?

Winnie said...

I bought the mold from Hmart, a korean grocery store. If there isn't one near you, try searching for taiyaki molds on the web and ordering it online. Hope this helps!

Mishelle said...

hi winnie, i'm also looking for the taiyaki pan. read from a website that i can get from giant or metro but i can't find at either place. where is hmart by the way? thanks!

Winnie said...

Hi Mishelle!
Hmart is a chain of US-based supermarkets.
I didn't hear about Singapore's Giant or Metro carrying the molds but my best guess would be a Japanese grocery store like Meidi-ya by Liang Court at River Valley road.
Hope this helps :)

Mishelle said...

hi winnie, thanks alot for your reply, i really appreciate it. it is from this website that says we can find it at giant, carrefour or isetan :

i actually went to a few branches of giant and also checked out carrefour but couldn't find. which makes me wonder if what the blog said was really true because she had been very vague.

i saw gmarket selling but its kinda ex (about $39.90) so i wanna look for a cheaper alternative. i'll check out meidi-ya, thanks so much!

Mishelle said...

hi winnie, thanks so much for your help. i actually wrote a reply few days ago but seeing that it isn't here it may have gotten lost somewhere. anyway, this is the website that says giant, isetan or carrefour carry it :

i did visit a few branches of giant and carrefour but i didn't see it. the author of the blog has been pretty vague when asked where she got it. she said she got it from her aunt but her friends were able to buy it from those places. i'll give meidi-ya or isetan a try i think. i saw it on gmarket but its $39.90 for a single mold which i think is pretty ex, so i'm hoping to find a cheaper one :)

Winnie said...

if this helps, I paid about USD 20 for mine. Do let me know if you are able to find one for a reasonable price and I'll update it on the post for everyone :)

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