Lunch at Ippudo Tao, Singapore

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Aka (red) and Shiro (white) ramen with Pork Belly at Ippudo Tao Singapore

Ippudo Tao UE Singapore
207 River Valley Road
UE Square
Singapore 238275

Food (4.4/5.0)
Service (4.0/5/0)

I've tried Ippudo in Nyc a while ago, but surprised that somehow Singapore has a branch as well, I dragged my mum out for ramen. After hearing some some ramen aficionados that Ippudo Tao is significantly better than Ippudo Mandarin Gallery, that's where I went. Ippudo Tao is a themed collaboration between the Ippudo franchise (Ramen King 
Shigemi Kawakara) and TAO, an internationally-renowned Japanese drum (Taiko, 太鼓) performance group. The first Ippudo Tao opened in Fukuoka, whilst the Singaporean location ended up being the second, and Tokyo being the third. All this just strengthens my observation that Singapore franchises almost everything acclaimed from foreign shores. I did my research and chanced upon Camemberu's blog, which is a treasure trove of information on things to eat in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. 

I almost forgot to mention that they also offer the option of how done you want your noodles to be; my mum's firmest noodles softened to a perfect al dente after minutes of soaking in hot, piping pork broth while my medium noodles became a tad too soft, so do factor the soaking time when you considering your bite. I had the aka/red bowl which layered the shiro/white broth with fish stock and spicy miso, which I thought was very tasty but a little too rich and salty. I enjoyed the delicate but flavorful white broth more, because individual ingredients were given a chance to shine and somehow come together harmoniously in a savory sea of goodness. Having eaten my fare share of noodles, I would have to concur that ippudo's protein- and collagen-rich magical ramen brew is worth its price and is the epitome of umami. I wonder if there are any plans to send the franchise to Boston anytime soon. Damn you, NYC!

The location at UE, which we got confused with United Square.

The interior
Napkins too were photographed.
Gyoza. Its good but that's about it.
I had the pork belly buns and then had more pork belly with my ramen so it was pork belly overload.  Taste-wise, I prefer Momofuku's :P
The signature Ippudo "Shiro" (White) is the original tonkotsu soup with Hakata-style thin noodles, Rosu Chashu (pork loin), cabbage, black fungus and spring onions.
TAO "Aka" (Red) - Thin curly noodles in a tonkotsu soup blended with fish stock and spicy miso paste. Topped with Bara Chashu (pork belly), spring onions and fragrant garlic oil.
Check out the sesame grinder. So cute! I want one!


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