Singapore Hokkien Mee or stir-fried shrimp noodles for lunch

Thursday, October 21, 2010

When I was back in Singapore, my dad pampered me by getting breakfast 24/7, my mum and nan took care of chores and laundry.... I could really get used to this.
Well, breakfast in particular that day happened to be Hokkien Mee. I could wax on and on about what it is, but figured that wiki does a pretty good job here. In essence, it consists of a rather wet stir-fry of yellow (alkali) noodles and vermicelli with seafood (squid, shrimp) with flavorful stock (pork, shrimp heads and shells) and topped off with pork slices and the special chill made up of ...yes dried shrimp. The juice of one tiny asian lime completes the flavor profile, giving the rich noodles a refreshing zing. It usually costs about sgd 3 (USD 2 bucks?). So worth it.
Singapore is renowned for its cheap street eats (done very very very well), therefore plating really isn't crucial. Although hokkien shrimp/prawn noodles look like an unappetizing slop of yellows and grays, the taste is absolutely incredible, and as umami as can be. 



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