Wine and Cheese #8 at Jen's.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vino Lineup.
Amazing views at Jen's rooftop.

partial assembly of our w&c


Crab Cake salad

Smoked pancetta. Is it me or does one of the fat veins appear peppered with gold flakes?

The theme for w&c #8 is "North End Wine Tasting" (pairing and notes, courtesy of Jen):
1) Col dell'Orso, Frozza, Prosecco
Paired with; Crab Salad with Orange & Oregano

2008 Monestero Trappiste Vitorchiano, Coenobium, Lazio
Paired with; Pecorino Romano

2009 Bisson, Ciliegiolo Rosato, Cinque Terre, Liguria

Paired with; Cool Pesto Salad with Fresh Mozzarella 

2007 La Kiuva, Arnad-Montjovet, Valle d'Aosta

Paired with; Fontina Cheese & Smoked Pancetta 

2006 Paolo Bea, San Valentino, Umbria

Paired with; Italian Sausage 

6) 2008 Gulfi,
Rossojbleo, Sicily

2009 Bruno Verdi, Sangue di Giuda, Oltrepo` Pavese, Lombardy

Paired with; A slice of Heaven on a plate– made with love by Eve. 

This w&c was enjoyable on many many notes. That day, I submitted a paper after countless nights of not-sleeping, so libations were very much anticipated. This was one of the times I actually arrived high and tipsy (on adrenaline) even before I had my first sip of wine. I spent most of w&c 8 talking about how happy I was to whoever my audience was and for the most part, neglected to focus on the wines 100%. 

I dredged my memory and managed to retrieve snapshots of the color, sequence of wine and the cheese I liked, which I highlighted. 
Blush-colored (3) and the cheeses were especially memorable. The wine after the cheese was my 2nd favorite, after the dessert wine. That wine paired fabulously with Eve'amazing raspberry white chocolate tiramisu as the flavors complemented each other; the slight tartness and sweetness was just nice and not overwhelming. (i am picky about Tiramisus but this is simply delicioso!!!!) I might have to recreate it the way I recreated her mango cobbler too! 

But fear not my fuzzy memory, because Jen's wine choices were exemplary + she even made sides of mozzarella caprese salad with juicy cherry tomatoes and crab cakes on top of our tradition cheese pairings. Yummers!

When the party was over, I was definitely high on adrenaline and also vino as I skipped and tripped my way to Park Street T stop. Dubious looking bruises which presented themselves the next day were worn as badges of academic victory.


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