Having lunch at the Faculty Dining Room At Boston University

Monday, November 15, 2010

BU Faculty and Staff Dining Room
775 Commonwealth Ave (5th Floor N) 
Food (3.6/5.0)-
Service (NA)-it was a buffet.

For $10, I got myself a hearty bowl of soup, a salad plate, main entrees, 2 dessserts. Thanks to Bo and Pw for taking me there! I think you have to be a student or alumni or faculty or a guest of either fore-mentioned three to get into the dining hall. Other available items I did not partake: roast beef (x), rolls, the rest of the salad bar, cookies, coffee, soda machine, more desserts, minestrone soup (beef x), +++ GREAT DEAL so... I will definitely be back for more!

Boston University's known to serve one of the best dining hall foods, inviting celebrity NFL chefs etc to host and cook their specialty nights for students multiple times in a semester. In addition, once-a-semester lobster nights are highly-anticipated as students would collect lobster tickets in exchange for a freshly-boiled lobster. One of my friends amassed 3 tickets and got 3 lobsters for dinner. Enough said. With all that good food being served at BU, Freshman weight gain would would unlikely be 15, but 50! Thankfully, BU also put their large endowments to use with an amazing FITREC gym facility in the west campus (photocredit here).
Creamy corn chowder, spiked with liberal dashes of hot, vinegary sauce. Loved it! Hot, piping and very very tasty.

chicken salad, ham and potato salad, olives, roasted corn and fruit-I could have gotten other stuff at the salad bar, but restrained myself to just this much.
buttered carrots, long beans with fennel, Parmesan roasted potatoes and roasted chicken legs. Every thing on this plate was prepared well. The beans were crisp, chicken tender and potatoes well-roasted. Even the side of peach and apple cobbler was delicious.
Chocolate cake-I liked it because of its moistness. Dark chocolate meant that it was not too sweet and just nice. I would suggest upping the drizzle of raspberry sauce. Yum!
 Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I did not like this cake at all. too dry, and ridiculously so. The sides were dehydrated to cookie-like status. The cake lacked the denseness required of good carrot cake. Cream cheese frosting tasted somewhat synthetic.


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