Sunday Brunch at Lineage, Coolidge Corner.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lineage Restaurant
242 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA 02446-2904
(617) 232-0065

Food (3.8/5.0)
Service (3.8/5.0)-Host was very nice but service was too too slow and we were ALL too hungry.

I invited my new "Halloween" friends to Lineage for brunch and had a great time catching up and chatting (I believe that this was the first time they saw me in my regular 'do and not in a pink wig). I had high expectations when it came to Lineage for brunch but unfortunately, while the food wasn't bad, it didn't quite hit the spot either. The 2 tastiest dishes were the lobster tacos and the eggs benedict; the rest was kinda 'meh' for me. Individual thoughts to follow.

Spicy Lobster Tacos
, mango salsa, avocado mousse. One of the highlights. Firm and generous chunks of lobster and mango make for great texture, and a creamy mousse to tie it all together. Not bad indeed.

Eggs Benedict, baby spinach, ham, hollandaise. This was my dish. Eggs were perfectly poached, hollandaise sauce was delicious and appetitie-inducing. Muffins were nicely-buttered. My only complaint is that the portions were too tiny. I would have appreciated home fries or hash or some other accompaniment, because I still hungry. Makes sense? It's been more than 15 hours since my last meal on Saturday.Seared ahi tuna. Gosh, I may not be an expert on fish, but I do eat it quite often. The tuna was more than seared, it was medium-well so it was a little too stiff. In addition, the fish had an overpowering "fishy" smell. Overall, I didn't like it at all and would not recommend you order it.
Mushroom & Parmesan Omelet,  home fries, toast. Home fries too dry. Overall meh.
Eggs, bacon and greens on a bed of polenta. I didn't have the egg but if mine were any indicator, they should be good. Everything else, polenta was so-so. Therefore overall meh.

My verdict: Oh well, more brunch spots to explore anyways!


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