Rum cake & Tea at Tiffany's.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our voluptuous teapot with all the right curves in all the right places.

My friend Tiffany has the most amazing silverware, plates and kitchenware that make everything on them look super good (see above one example of many). She also happens to be one of the most generous and gracious hostesses I know; in her care no guest leaves hungry, and no glass is left unfilled! This time, she brought a yummy rum cake back from the bahamas for us to try. Having a chat and tea together with my girls B and N was super fun and relaxing; could we do a punny "Breakfast at Tiffany's" soon?

Remember my post on Jamaican food here and here? I have never tried Caribbean rum cakes before, although I have tasted rum babas and those were goood. We had a gourmet herbal ginger tea from MEM Tea Co., which was very warming and fragrant. To keep our palates guessing, we alternated the sweets with a savory plate of crispy Japanese crackers that B brought from Japan. Flavors included squid ink, wasabi, roasted squid, shrimp, seaweed/kelp etc.

Them crackers.
The rum cake looks like a bundt.
Its texture was like that of a dense and rich pound cake, flavored with lots of sweet rum. My colleague said that people in his country do get drunk off rum cakes so I had a small tentative bite, being a lightweight and all. I must say that he might have exaggerated a little with the "alcohol gets trapped within the flour matrix" statement because I felt fine after eating it. B later told me that on top of mixing rum into the batter, people drizzle it again on the finished cake. DUH, as evident from the moist edges below. I'm such a ninny. This cake would be super easy to recreate at home I think. Will try it out and tweak it to my liking then.


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