Having Southern Food at Tupelo. Inman Square

Friday, November 12, 2010

Way before everyone arrived, I was already having impure thoughts about the pies...

Lineup: hot sauce 1, 2, spicy mulled wine, sweet tea and water in a ginormous mason jar. 

1193 Cambridge St
CambridgeMA 02139
Neighborhood: Inman Square
(617) 868-0004

Food (3.9/5.0)
Service (4.1/5.0)

It was cold and raining on the way to Tupelo and I had been starving myself since lunch time to maximize the utility of my dinner. I had pretty much decided what I was going to order beforehand. However, upon hearing that the "special" was chicken and waffles, my plans dissipated. Ironically, as my friends' plates started coming, I was all caught up with minimizing their misery by taking speedy shots, I neglected to take my own!
On Yelp, Stephanie M. posted her own chicken and waffles here, which was mostly what I had. The fried chicken was tender and delicious; the batter and skin had fused into a crispy crust and was not greasy. 
However, I found the waffles to be rather flat and not at all thick and fluffy. The dipping sauce that came with my dish was too mild and bland and easily overpowered by my highly-spiced chicken. In retrospect, I had no idea what the sauce tasted like! I think that a tangy bbq sauce or even maple syrup which would have gone better with the chicken and waffles together. Also, $17 for fried chicken and waffles seems a little too pricey, no? I also included a couple of dishes I had on a previous trip, namely the turkey meatballs and gumbo.*
Fried oysters with remoulade sauce & house pickle-thin crust, fresh, tender oyster. yum!
Fried Cheesy grits. Not at all gooey inside as promised :( Needs more salt.
Biscuits & sausage gravy-This was my favorite appetizer. Small sausage pieces were like little nuggets of happiness.
Daube of beef brisket over mashed potatoes with grilled seasonal vegetables and horseradish cream-No complaints here from Andrew or the others.
Pan fried catfish with cheddar grits, collard greens & jalapeño remoulade-Fish was tender and I loved the collard greens and sauce that came with it. This was $16 and was more worth it than my chicken and waffles.
House Special: Pulled chicken, pulled pork and pulled beef-I expected them to separate all the pulled meats but it came all mixed together. People seemed to like it though :)

*Southern Spiced Turkey Meatballs with French Bread for mopping up- A nice, hearty broth perfect for chilly Boston days. I remembered that this was nice, and very reproducible at home. 
 *Cajun Gumbo with Pulled Chicken & Smoked Andouille Sausage-from my tasting notes, it was good but could do with a little more acid.
Sweet mother of pies!

Mississippi Mud Pie w// Bourbon ice cream-Majority Favorite. Moist, decadent, with a seductive drizzle of chocolate sauce. Bourbon ice-cream tasted like hazelnut icecream. odd.
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie w/ Vanilla Icecream-Sweet potato added a nice contrast with the crunchiness of pecans and butter crust.
Banana Pudding Meringue Pie-My least favorite. Not as tasty as the others.
chocolate Bread pudding pie-gooey and moist. I liked this one but overall found it forgettable.


Public Health Economist said...

This post brought happiness to my night. Look at that pulled meat!

Winnie said...

You're too kind :) A tidbit to share: A friend told me that the secret to amazing pulled pork is using coca cola because the acid tenderizes the meat as it cooks!

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