A night of continuous eating starting wtih Sambal red snapper, then Nasi Lemak, Anchovy-Belachan, Hazelnut sparkling water, Chocolate ganache, Matcha Cream, Prelude to Taiyaki and More!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm going to keep the commentary short due to a picture-heavy post. But we were all craving for some sambal stingray/skate after reading K.F. Seetoh's recipe in the NYTimes and got together to make some at Jh's. In doing so, we decided on a nasi lemak combo with coconut rice, fried egg and anchovies. But this was at Jh's and he always has nibbles before, during and after cooking so a simple one-dish wonder kind of morphed into an eating expedition. Noms! We subsituted skate for red snapper and made other changes, as documented in Virtual Journal, so read more if you're interested. 

Sambal red snapper. Spicy, firm and it hits the spot. Could do with more acid, which we rectified using white vinegar.
Crispy fried eggs. This is no silky frittata or omelette for you but a rustic, fry with crispy, papery edges. 
Sorry for the messy plating. At this point I was just too hungry.With coconut rice and anchovies. 
Scratch that. we decided to fry them anchovies using homemade belachan
Palate cleanser. Club soda with frangelico (hazelnut) and disaronno (almonds). Interesting but winning combination of bubbly.
Not settling for a simple dessert, we decided whip up some chocolate ganache. Bain-marie gets steamy.
then its the heavy cream.
chocolate chips to melt.
I spiked it with matcha and nutella but the taste of chocolate was too overwhelming. 
As it cooled, the ganache thickened and we used it to sandwich Jh's (crispy) macaron. and as a topping for cheesecake. and to cover candied ginger. 

soft peaks of whipped heavy cream with matcha and orange blossom water. We couldn't taste the orange blossom but overall it was mildly sweet and very fragrant. It was all consumed in a heartbeat with macarons and rice crackers.
I was having way too much fun with the Taiyaki-griddle. But this paved the way for a Japanese food themed night!


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