Animal Cookies

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It was a great weather this morning, so I decided to go for running along the Charles River. While I was running, I found a very nice cafe on beacon Street. The cafe's name is "Taffe".So I dropped in to this cafe and found such cute cookies!! The name is"ANIMAL COOKIES". Since these cookies are so adorable, I did not want to bite them, I decided to get another kind of sweet.I chose a roll called "ROSE" instead.  " Rose" has few different flavors and I picked a chocolate one. The texture of this roll is crispy outside and very soft inside. It might be a little too sweet, but it is a great much with cafe latte without sugar. I have charged myself with this very tasty roll and cafe latte, then I could run much longer!                                                                                                                                           



Anonymous said...

I love the giraffe shaped cookies! They are so cute!

I have a hippopotamus shaped cookie cutter!

Keiko said...

Hi, Dana. Thank you very much for your comment!You are the first guest of "Oh!Mummy". Yes, these animals are really cute, and I will check out your hippopotamus shaped cookies as well!! K

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