I wanna eat Keiran Somen!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

(Photocredit to Julia of Sweet Travel Blog)

I first chanced upon Keiran Somen (Japanese) from KyotoFoodie's website and was pretty intrigued.
Upon reading his feature on this traditional wagashi or Japanese confectionary of Portuguese origin, I really want to try some! Keiran Somen translated as chicken egg noodles, while its Portuguese ancestor is called Fios de ovos or angel hair. Further research shows that there is a Thai version called Kanom Foy Tong and a recipe is provided!!! Woo HOO! I asked Jin about it and he mentioned that this desserty snack was his favorite while growing up in Thailand. Kanom Foy Tong is translated as gold fibers and I thought that this was very apt. Here's an excerpt from the website:
Foi thong means gold fibre. It, is made from pure egg yolk but with a small amount of egg-dew, the light egg white remaining in the egg shells. In order to achieve the desired stringy texture, the yolk must not be beaten but stirred with a spoon or a stick in the same direction until a smooth and well-blended look is reached. A fine string of the batter is then allowed to flow annularly from a small hole at the tip of a cone held 1-2 feet above a vessel of bubbling heavy syrup. Once enough gold silk to form a thick skein has been poured, the cook will interrupt the flow and begin on a new skein. This step is repeated until the vessel is full. When cooked, each skein is waved gently with a stick through the syrup to give it a glossy, silky look. The skeins are then rested on top of another vessel to drain. Once drained, each skein is folded several times to make smaller, thicker skeins.
(Keiran Somen Pictures from Kyotofoodie-Before pulling the threads apart..)

To recreate this, I might need a special device that helps in dripping thin strands of sugared-egg yolks into syrup. Any ideas? Really want to try some soon... Until I give the Thai recipe a go!


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