Part III-More Applications of pickled cherry blossoms

Thursday, April 29, 2010

(Intact Onigiri)

(Sakura Ume Onigiri made by Keiko for Yours Truly with the Shiozuke Yours Truly made)
(Nom, nom, nom.... After taking a big bite...Umeboshi and sakura leaf, is dat chu?)
After working a long day at work, this fills my belly nicely....

In addition to our Sakura Shiozuke making and subsquent Matcha Green Tea-Sakura macaron, Keiko also brought some shiozuke onigiri to work. The onigiri was packaged using wrapping plastic she got on her visit home to Japan. I also saw a link that shows non-traditional uses of Sakura the other day by Chika of shewhoeats the other day and her food pictures are really inspirational! Sakura cream puff, sakura cheesecake, sakura dacquoises, hojicha latte with sakura sugar, sakura-hojicha biscotti and sakura yatsuhashi cookies are just some of the novel ways she has enjoyed sakura. Unfortunately she does not allow any of her content to be shared in any form so you'll just have to click on the link to see what I mean. I did find other Sakura desserts from other sites so enjoy!

(Picture by Julia-Sweet Travel Blog of Green Tea and Cream Mochi from Setsuko Pastry, from $3)
(Sakura Shortbread Cookies from Setsuko Pastry, $18 for a dozen)


もみじまんじゅう said...

Oh, long-forgotten food..

Winnie said...

Not that long ago :) I remembered offering you some at the hanami remember?

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