Wanna try some Mexican Chapulinas or Roasted Grasshoppers?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hi Everyone,
I am introducing my cousin Samantha as a guest contributor for the blog. Considering that she has tried pretty exotic fare in her travels, featuring her unique food experiences seems like a good idea to me. First stop, Sam embarks on where few mainstream foodies go--Insects ala grasshoppers. Yikes!
Chapulinas for the dare-devil in you! (By Samantha N.)
Chapulinas , or commonly known as grasshoppers are a must-try if you ever head down to Oaxaca, Mexico. They are available throughout the year at the Mercado Benito Juarez but taste the best during the raining season (May-July) when they spawn like crazy.
There are different variations in cooking Chapulinas. However, the best way to cook these fellows is to deep fry them in hot oil. I tasted these guys cooked in 3 different flavors; with chili, plain and with garlic and peanuts. And I think the last option tastes the best out of the lot.
Not sure if this is evident in the picture above but these chapulinas can be eaten throughout different stages in their development, from larvaes to adults.
Without a doubt, I had my fair share of them while I was in Oaxaca. And let me tell you, they have a pretty unique taste. It tastes crunchy when you start biting the head and the best bit comes when you chew the body (Sound gross I know). The juice of the grasshopper squirts out all over your mouth. The initial taste comes close to tamarind but the aftertaste feels like stale lemon.
My host mom offered to cook a chapulina fare for me when I told her about my first encounter with Chapulinas.  Sadly, I rejected the offer (since I am not a fan of the taste).  Despite not favoring the grasshoppers, my encounter didn’t end just there. Once again, I was served these critters by my host dad and his in-laws over a family reunion.  He scooped a spoonful of them with peanuts and garlic onto my plate.  The look of disgust on my face cracked them up. I was glad this did not offend them. This time he poured me a shot of tequila and told me to have it together.  Indeed, it tastes better when you wash it down with tequila or beer.  My host dad was eager for me to go back for more but one scoop is more than enough for me.
I was told that these Chapulinas are normally enjoyed over beer and eaten like crackers when watching telenovelas. 
So the next time you go to the supermarket and can’t decide what to snack on, how about considering some chapulinas. They are healthy and rich in protein as I was told. But beware of their feelers and legs getting stuck in between your teeth!


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