BASHO (Japanese Brasserie) open!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally I had an opportunity to go to "BASHO (Japanese Brasserie)"!!  This newly opened modern Japanese cuisine restaurant is located few minutes away from Fenway Park. Since I live around the corner and have noticed the huge advertisement says "BASHO is coming soon!" since last fall. BASHO is the name under one of the very most famous Japanese poet "Matsuo Basho", therefore I knew it would be a Japanese restaurant. Anyway, I went to this restaurant with a big expectation.  As soon as I entered to the restaurant, I was amazed its huge space!and there are bars, counter seats, regular seats and even there was a separate space for Yakitori & Aburi (Japanese style BBQ). The total interior decoration is very modern and using black & white base and all waitresses & waiters are wearing black out fit. So the atmosphere is more like a fashionable night spot. Anyway, we start ordering menus. First I ordered a crispy shrimp, which is fried shrimp and shitake mushroom was marinated with spicy and mayonnaise base sauce. It was very rich taste and good with a glass of Cabernet. The Daikon Salad was also marinated with mayonnaise based sauce but this time it was with mentaiko (Kimcheed cod roe) and there was sea weed on the top of it. The third dish was Baby Octopus. It has a flavor of Yuzu (Japanese citrus) and sweet soy sauce and there was a lot of Katsuo-bushi (Bonito flakes)on the top of baby octopus. This is great much with Japanese Sake(especially with a dry cold one). We also had assort of Sashimi, few different types of Sushis. And these are all very yummy. Finally we finished with Maki (Sushi Rolls). We had three different types of rolls, 1) Sushi Tasting 2) Rainbow Roll 3) Red Spicy Rolls. These are all good. Since most of Rolls in the U.S use lots of things, gredients, tobiko, avocado, sauces, etc, I do not think it is necessary to put extra soy sauce on them.I guess we ate far more too much, but it was very good Japanese cuisine. 


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