The SOBA (Japanese Buckwheat Noodle)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today's topic is SOBA (Japanese noodle). I looooove SOBA!!! Especially the Shin SOBA (newly harvested noodle) has fresh aroma special texture. SOBA has a very long history like Sushi and have been eaten since Edo period  ( about 1600 A.D.) There is another famous and tasty noodle in Japan called "Udon", but compared that Udon is made from flour, SOBA is made from buck wheat  flour which has much more nutrition than Udon.  You can enjoy SOBA either chilled with dipping sauce (SOBA TSUYU), or in hot broth as a noodle soup. I have never met any Japanese who do not like SOBA.
I have posted few pics of my favorite SOBA dishes. As you can see from these pics, you can enjoy soba with hot Kamo-namban tare ( Stewed Duck Soup)  or with assort of Tempura. This place called "KOED     (超峠)"is one of great soba place. Even though it is located in ISEHARA station on Odakyu-line which is away from Tokyo (about 2.5 hours from center of Tokyo), I visit there to enjoy SOBA whenever I visit Japan. I will introduce some of my favorite SOBA places, "Kokonotuido" and "KANDA-MATUYA  in Japan!!

How to make SOBA: Last decade, SOBA is getting popular more and more! SOBA and SUSHI are sort of dish you should eat at restaurant! ( which means you should eat one which the professional chef made). However, there is a trend that you actually make SOBA from a scratch at home.  There is even " Homemade SOBA kit" at major department stores. 


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