Birthday Dinner 2 at Oceanaire Seafood Room-Good Food, Horrendous Service and Bad for Groups!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

(My Matcha green tea chiffon cake with red bean cream layers from Yi Soon Bakery. Complete with incorrect spelling. LoL. 21th? You mean 21st. And stop guessing my age :D)

The Oceanaire Seafood Room Boston (negative reviews are not tagged)
40 Court St
(between Cambridge St & City Hall Ave) 
BostonMA 02108
(617) 742-2277

Food (3.9/5.0)
Service (1.5/5.0)-see below.

*Good for Birthdays?: NO, incompetent wait staff unequipped with dealing with large parties (of 16) in terms of food recommendation and billing. To be fair, our party wasn't faultless either; the entire guestlist was not completed until 1.5 hr later. That said, thank you to the hostess who was thoughtful enough to give me a menu printed with "Happy Birthday" on it, rolled up and wrapped in a cute, curly black ribbon + no plating fees for bringing your own cake (*Bonus: 1.5 points to the restaurant for trying to be birthday-friendly)

(Yes, these are my hands)

My Birthday Celebration. Mood Ruined. Thanks, obnoxious waiter. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE. Instead if rehashing what I wrote, I shall link you to my Yelp review here, and Tiffany's reviews here, and Josephine's reviews here. This experience was nasty and vile and left a bad taste in my mouth because of 1 person-yes all it takes is 1 person for 16 people to feel bad. I really enjoyed the food so why would you sabotage a good thing by hiring rude and incompetent wait staff to serve a huge party? Also no credibility when you tell me that "all riesling's are sweet" and when you don't know what you are serving. He even had to double-check when we told him that Cioppino is a seafood stew. Really? For equally good food, similar prices and service, I have Atlantic Fish Co. and Turner Fisheries, so no loss there.
Instead of focusing on the negativity of this waiter we had, I am going to be positive and  talk about the food that my party of 16 ordered. I pretty much had a taste of everything, lucky me :)
(Fried Asparagus.Parmesean-crusted with Bleu Cheese-tomato Fondue- Andrew and I agreed that we could totally do this on our own and it's really delicious and unexpected because I never really thought of asparagus other than steamed with butter or Hollandaise.)
(Maine Smoked Seafood Trio-Cherrywood smoked salmon, trout and scallops, pickled red onions, grain mustard and pita chips-The plate was very sharable and the scallops were a nice touch. All smoked meats were tender and well-seasoned. Loved the scallops especially. They were bite-sized little morsels.)
(Escargot Bourguignonne, burgundy butter, puff pastry-very good but their snails were too tiny in comparison to the proportion of puff pastry, so i had predominantly pastry.)
(Jumbo Lump crabcake appetizer-chockful with meaty sweetness of crab. Sauce went really well with the dish, I considered ordering another one)
(Cioppino. San Francisco Fisherman's Stew. Very flavorful and hearty, perfect for supper or a pick-me-up moment)
(Seared Rare Hawaiian #1 Bigeye Tuna. Pickled ginger, wakame salad, wasabi and soy sauce. It was good and hearty and totally reproducible on my own. Nothing extraordinary about it, especially execution because you don't need skill to quickly sear, right? Minimal heat or time control required)
(Georges Bank Sea Scallops-well done and reproducible too, although a little harder than tuna since the scallops have to be cooked perfectly)
(Grilled Bay of Fundy Salmon.King trumpet mushroom, ramps, smoked bacon, mushroom and truffle nage.- What's not to love about bacon and truffle? I liked the jus especially. Would slurp it up if it came in a soup broth)
(Seared wild Alaskan Halibut. Grape tomatoes, frisee, leeks, white basil balsamic vinaigrette-Flavors complemented the fish well. Nicely seasoned. Plating though, looks messy and hence, not as appetizing-looking)
(Fried Fisherman's platter. of cod, shrimp, oysters, calamari with matchstick fries-Fish fry. As long as it's fresh, hot and piping, this is pretty standard anywhere)

PS: Thanks to B for putting all of this together!


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