Le Patissier at Troquet for Delectable Desserts

Thursday, May 20, 2010

140 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116-4632
(617) 695-9463

Service (4.2/5.0)

I had a girl outing with B, Tiffany and N at the Boston Ballet's Coppelia some time ago and after our disappointing Banh Mi dinner, we decided to go have dessert at the famed Troquet. The restaurant was tastefully-decorated and the crowd seemed to be in their late 30's. Despite us 4 storming in around 7 pm on a Saturday night and declaring that we only have 45 minutes to the ballet and just wanted dessert, we were promptly shown to a table. The server did not even bat an eyelash nor display any attitude. I was very impressed. This must happen more often than I thought because her service was very professional. 
She even advised that the souffles would take about 20 minutes to prepare; fine with us :D The desserts did take 20 minutes to arrive (very accurate) and despite our misgivings about the time constraints, we had no trouble whacking all of it in 15 minutes.
It was a magical 15 minutes. The desserts as you can see are plated very nicely and the construction of sugar spirals is a nice touch. But I am a sucker for sugar art. (Hello, Beijing!) The Pistachio souffle came with its own man-server, who popped it and poured the chocolate sauce into the center, and while it was good, I think I prefer the ice-cream the most on the pistachio plate. The tart tartin, while relatively pretty, is forgettably delicious. I don't see myself craving for it any time soon though. My favorite of the night, as you might have guessed, is the Hazelnut plate. It combines elements of what I like in desserts: Hazelnut anything + Mille Feuille anything + caramel anything + caramelized anything + bananas + milk chocolate. Eating it was an experience of flavor and texture and the hazelnut creme was not too cloying nor too sweet... I want more! Deserves a return visit, me thinks!

(Pistachio soufflé with Pistachio ice-cream and chocolate sauce)
(Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Mille Feuille-salty caramel ice cream, toasted hazelnuts and caramelized banana’s.)
(Apple Crumble Tart Tartin with Vanilla Bean Gelato)


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