Eating through Montreal-Part II Jean-Talon Marche Grub Crawl

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jean-Talon Market

7070, Henri-Julien Street, south of Jean-Talon Street, Montreal, Québec
In the second leg of my foodie adventure in Montreal, we ambled towards Jean-Talon market. Touted as the largest open-air market in the North America, it has tonnes of produce, exotic fruit, spices, epiceries, cheese, smoked meats, pastries... the list goes on indefinitely. I will have to conclude that this is my favorite part of Montreal. Seriously. We had the intention of staying for 2 hours and ended up spending the whole day there.
While visiting the food and produce stalls, we bought bits to assemble into our fabulous lunch. Here's your Jean-Talon Grub Crawl coming right up! Don't miss Privilege chocolate and it's alcohol-encapsulated chocolate squares!
1) Première Moisson

like its signboard, it is a Boulangerie, Patisserie, Charcuterie. This happened to be our first stop (breakfast) and we arrived ravenous to see brightly-colored pastries that looked fresh and very cheap. They also sell gelato and bottles of chutneys, spreads and yummy gear.

Guerilla photo-taking at it's finest.
Rows and Rows of Millefeuilles
Tarts and a really good creme brulee.
Here's what I got. So flaky, so fragrant...
B's lemon-raspberry version
The entire spread on the first stop. I want to get a cafe au lait!

2) Looking at Open-air Produce
Crimson-colored tomatoes.
racks and racks of fresh garlic
Do not touch! Chillies galore
Here's a fruit stall...
that sells cactus! Seriously Jean-talon has one of the most extensive selection of exotic fruit. I saw gooseberries somewhere...
Even puppies are for sale!

3) Boucherie, Marche, Saucissier
I couldn't help going in. They were giving out free samples of sausages!

4) Chocolat Privilege
One of the most innovative samples of chocolate I've seen in awhile! Savor chocolate with an alcoholic shooter. Come in various flavors like ice-wine (mine), vodka and pear alcohol. I should have bought a box instead of one. Now I'm regretting it.
Close up of my chocolate with ice-wine square. You pluck the capsule out first, take a nibble of chocolate then squeeze the capsule into your mouth. VERY POTENT!

5) Looking at More Produce
pretty pretty veggies
We bought some tomme (one of my favorite cheeses) and some bread for later
Lavender. Love Lavender!

6) Atkins
We went to this poissonnerie (fish shop) and got some smoked fish. Yummy!

7) Shame on me, I forgot what store this is.
Pate pate everywhere, can you guess which one we got?
The one with rabbit, maple syrup and blueberries! (Pate Lapin, Erable et Bluets) Remember, I don't eat beef, but if I did, I wanted it because it has figs (figues) in it! So I consoled B and Yy by getting a small box of fresh figs instead.

Finally, our assembled spread! Olives, figs, maple butter (beurre), pate, tomme cheese, smoked fish, bread!
Please try to stock up on fresh maple butter instead of the ones in jars because we did a taste test and this one came out tops in taste and price (CAD $5). The ones in fancy epiceries cos average $10-12. Dammit, I should have loaded up on more.
My serving of figs and cheese
Next up, I'm reviewing the famous Au Pied de Cochon! 


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