Eating through Montreal-Part III Au Pied De Cochon!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

au Pied de Cochon's infamous Foie Gras Poutine.Fries fried in duck fat. Enough said. Poutine=Gravy + soft limpy fries (my fav) + cheese curds
au Pied de Cochon
 (4.2/5.0 stars) 

APDC, one of Montreal's more celebrated establishments, is run by foie gras master, Martin Picard. In Montreal, foodies everywhere gravitate to APDC to try their famous pork dishes. (my meat du jour) But I was most excited for their Foie Gras Poutine. Supremely rich, extremely tasty and decadent, I could only stomach a few bites before I gave up and saved space for the rest of my dinner. The utility of that first mouthful was pretty high for me before my taste buds over-saturated.

[I like crispy fries ala Pomme Frites, Belgium-style. Twice-fried, Thrice-fried, the outer crust is thin and crisp while the inner core is tender and soft. If only I had the Singapore McDonald's curry dipping sauce with it... (seen here on right) In the category of soft limpy fries, poutine gets my vote. The thick-cut fries have slightly chewy skins that pick up just the right amount of gravy and the insides are so creamy...sigh.]
French Onion Soup-This was way too salty for me. 

Confit Lamb shank. Nicely done, portion was too big to finish though. It was poached slowly in duck fat and served with lentils and tomatoes...

Pied de Cochon-We had to order this because of the restaurant's namesake. 

Plat du Jour, some fish with some exotic bean and arugula. Really nice sauce but the fish was a tad overcooked.

Happy Pork Chop. Happy as in....?

The unique bathroom sink the boys were so enthralled with.

By this time, we were all too full to appreciate any dessert (big regret). Another regret is not ordering their Duck-in-a-can that Mr. Bourdain recommended and also the foie gras cromesquis which is a breaded cube of foie gras, deep-fried. The frying process liquefies the insides so it pops in your mouth.... AHhhh!!!! Next trip, I have to try it!


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