La Voile-Restaurant Week Spring 2010-Will not be going back.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

La Voile Boston Brasserie (I am not linking it because it's not worth the effort)
261 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116-2402
(617) 587-4200

Food (2.1/5.0)
Service (2.8/5.0)-For obnoxious attitude and for interrupting me multiple times when I was talking.

For this season's RW, the biggest disappointment and rip-off came from La Voile. Really? You ask. But they're rated pretty highly on Yelp! In the case of "If yelp says it, it must be true", La Voile is unfortunately an exception. I was not even disappointed at the end of the meal, I was plain shocked. Let me explain.
We decided on the Lunch menu on Sunday thinking that it would be a great deal for a $20 3-course meal. Before we arrived, B and I eagerly perused the online menu. I had already known what I was going to get already. At the restaurant, it was a different matter. When I started to say how for my first course, I wanted La Terrine de foie gras de Canard or Terrine of Duck foie gras, the waiter interrupted me and said they didn't have it. Instead, would I care for Bruschetta. BRUSCHETTA? Terrine for Bruschetta? You must be kidding me. The look on my face was priceless, but the clueless French waiter (it's the accent) went on to assume that I had no idea what Bruschetta was and explained how it is basically toasted bread with olive oil and tomatoes.  I honestly had a mental heart-attack. Of couse I know what it is; I make a mean bruschetta so why on earth would I want to order that in a restaurant? On top of that, Bruschetta is freaking Italian! At that point, I was wondering why I was even there. No matter, because the story goes on.
B and I then graciously declined the 3 course menu and decided to go on for the 2 course instead. Guess what, when I expressed that I wanted the roasted salmon entree with artichokes and cream, the waiter interrupted me mid-sentence and said that they didn't have salmon. Salmon is readily available and shouldn't the restaurant prepare for it? I was there for Sunday lunch and the restaurant was only a third full. So I grudgingly ordered the saffron risotto instead of mussels because I am not a fan of mussels. So did B.
When our saffron risotto came, my jaw dropped. Literally. On my plate was JUST risotto. No garnish, no nothing, just risotto and a minuscule hint of orange. I am very aware that saffron is one of the priciest spices in the world, thank you very much. To add salt to injury (pun), the risotto was bland and minimally-salted and not at all tasty to me.
You might have realized that I have no pictures of food from La Voile. I was just too traumatized to take any pictures + they really weren't worth the memory space in my camera.
By this time, I had absolutely no hope in the dessert. And they proved me right. L'ile Flotante- The floating island (a meringue in creme anglaise with toasted almonds) was not up to par. I have been to France multiple times, eaten my way through Paris and the Loire Valley, dated a French boy etc so trust me when I say I've eaten a lot of French food. Finally snapping out of it, I took a picture. The ile Flotante was bleah. The meringue was ok and the creme anglaise was horrible--it was not at all creme-y but runny! It might as well be called l'eau anglaise for all I care.
Maybe it's RW and La Voile was trying to stinge on their ingredients or whatever. I will not be back. Period. All this negativity on one of my favorite cuisines is draining. Urgh.


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