Eating through Montreal-Part I Snacking, Crepes and Nibbles

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Right by Vieux-Port, Old Montreal.
As the weather is getting warmer, some of my friends are going to Montreal this weekend and asked me for recommendations on where to eat. As I started listing a whole bunch of places, I figured I'll do a series of Montreal eats because I researched on Yelp before I went, and obviously took lots of pictures. 
I really love Montreal because it's such a beautiful city with spectacular art. The caliber of the artists and the vision of curators are pretty inspirational; I didn't even visit any museums because of the sheer number of galleries. Serendipitously, I made acquaintance with a lovely gentleman from a gallery by Chinatown and we spent 2 hours chatting about various contemporary pieces. He even shared some insight into buying and financing art in his profession, very fascinating! On top of being gracious and kind with his time and experience, he also generously gifted 2 art books that he published before I left :)
Back to the food, Montreal has delicious French pastries, cheeses and pate......The lack of snooty motherland attitudes don't hurt either :) Quebecois speak French primarily but they don't give you a hard time if you speak to them in English without the requisite "pardon,  parlez vous anglais" beforehand and are really warm and helpful. (In all honesty though, I've been to France several times and have yet to have a bad experience. And yes. Paris is one of my favorite cities, gasoline, pee and all.)

In this first review of crepes and snacks, I'll be featuring the following places below. To summarize, I will rate them from 0 to 5, with 5 being the best. Yelp and I have rate pretty similar, so by extrapolation I speak for the masses (?)
Crepe Cafe, (4)
Les Glaceurs, (3.5)
Une Crepes (3) and 

Juliette Et Chocolat (4.2)

Crepe Cafe
was the first place we went and got 4.5 stars on Yelp. I enjoyed my savory pesto and salmon crepe topped with pine nuts. The skin was soft and chewy, the way a crepe should be :)

@Crepe Cafe- Mine. :D Ordered the Voulez-vous.

Les Glaceurs

was an unplanned stop because we were thirsty and wanted to take a break before going over to Notre Dame. The cupcakes were normal, but I really liked the lychee sorbet we got. It was slightly sweet and slightly tart and very refreshing. 

Les Glaceurs
Lychee sorbet and red velvet. Yum

On our second day, we wanted to try more crepe places and popped by Une Crepes on the spur (bad choice), which was close to the Mont Royal Stop. the interior was warm and nice but I thought the crepes were blah considering that Montreal is crepe-country. I liked the mini meringues the most for the light crunchiness. My sardine crepe was a little too salty though. 
Une Crepes- Nutell and baby meringue crepe

Close up

Une Crepes-Sardine Galette Crepe (Buckwheat)

Juliette et Chocolat
was my last stop in Montreal before I returned to beantown and I was very glad I didn't miss it. A Parisian friend was so excited when I mentioned that I was there because this place is his favorite haunt in Montreal. Therefore, I took shots of the menu too for your perusal. I had a velvety-rich banana-chocolate milk shake and a pear flambe crepe which was very very good. Needless to say, I suffered from a massive sugar high....all the better to wander around with! (I am very fun when I'm excited, I promise)

St. Denis' specialty chocolate crepe place. Boy.... it was goood.

They even had a fake cocoa tree at the bar. 

Juliette et Chocolat-Been years since I had one- Banana chocolate milkshake!!!!!! Perfectly blended, and the chocolate gliding down my throat was very smooth.

@Juliette et Chocolat-My flambe crepe with poached poires.

tender and crisp at the same time.
Stay tuned for the next leg of my foodie tour of Montreal. Jean Talon Marche!!!


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