Eating out at Trattoria Toscana, really good pasta!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trattoria Toscana
130 Jersey Street
Boston, MA 02215-5117
(617) 247-9508
Food (3.8/5.0)-I deducted points because their cod fish special was not that good and it came in an aluminium foil boat. Seriously, you could have transferred the contents to a nicer dish. Ridiculous.
Service (4.2/5.0)-The service was good plus one of the male managers who went around asking us if we enjoyed ourselves was pretty cute and friendly....

We came to TT on a girls' night out and boy were we lucky. We arrived at the restaurant at 7 pm on a Saturday night and managed to score the only table left for 5 people! FYI, our day out was spectacular as well. The weather was great, the flowers were in bloom at the Commons and we all bought makeup (especially B). But I digress. Most of us did our research before we came and I knew even before I saw the menu that I was going to get their gnocchi. During the ordering process, we asked the waiter about "whether the pasta is made fresh" at their premises and got a rather long commentary about how MOST pasta places don't make their pasta fresh (Oh really?) and that ravioli is the only "fresh" pasta they make themselves. That said, we found out that they get their pasta from a vendor. Don't quote me on this but I recalled they mentioned they got it from a butcher shop? Whatever it is, their pasta dishes are really really good. Overall, the prices were reasonable and even with one glass of wine thrown in, we didn't pay more then $25/person. Would totally make a return trip!

(Gnocchi gorgonzola e noci- gorgonzola cream, toasted walnuts. Oddly enough, I did not taste the walnuts. The sauce was soooo goood. The gnocchi was small, pillow-y and chewy and not gummy-soft at all. It picked up the sauce well and even though I thought that I wasn't going to be able to finish it, finish it I did.)

(close-up of the pillowy gnocchis)
(Rigatoni Alla Norcina ground sausage, mascarpone cream-Deborah and B had the rigatoni and we shared our pastas and this was really really good too. Kinda reminds me of Vinny T's Penne ala Vodka (my favorite). The pastas deserve a trip back.)
(This was the "special" cod fish that Tiffany and Ws ordered. Besides the lack of plating, the potatoes on teh top were soggy. I don't think they liked their entrees very much. Well for the record, I didn't really like it either. Seems like something I could whip up at home and hardly restaurant material.)


baby crib said...

The pasta looks so delicious! I like the color of the sauce!

Winnie said...

baby crib: I highly recommend their pastas. If you live in the Boston area, do check them out and let me know what you think :)

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