Radius-Restaurant Week Spring 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

8 High Street
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 426-1234
Food (4.3/5.0)
Service (3.8/5.0)-Even though it was RW and Radius is packed, I felt a little neglected by my waiter because my water glass was not refilled automatically. He was polite, but I felt that he seemed to be mindless and drone-y, and looked at us in an out-of-focus way. No matter, because I still LOVE RADIUS!

There is a reason why Radius is one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. Each and every season of RW, I have never failed to book a reservation because they are consistently good and for a really pricey establishment, they sure do not neglect their restaurant week menu. (Great business strategy!) I have also had their chef's tasting menu in the past and it was stellar as well. The dishes were nicely plated, and in between waits, we even had complimentary amuse bouche and samplers courtesy of the chef. Kudos, Michael Schlow! I cannot rave enough about Radius. Fantastic place! My friend Tiffany didn't really care about Radius since she had a bad experience here before (service) but decided to give it one more chance, and I'm glad to say that she's a convert now :)

Individual comments to follow below.

(cauliflower soup served in such a way that you could see what's in it! Roasted duck, croutons, and cauliflower pieces were placed in the center and the creamy soup was then gently poured around it from a small jug. Kinda like the way legal seafoods serve my favorite lobster bisque!)

(Seared salmon on top of lentil salad, greens, and cumin vinaigrette.  The salmon was nicely done and crispy. It was a little raw in the interior, and made the fish tender and flavorful. The vinaigrette was wasted, however. Firstly, it was too runny. A thicker reduction might have been better. Also, the lentils soaked it up before the crispy salmon had a chance to touch it. But overall, really good!)
(berkshire pork loin was served with a molten polenta and mushrooms.  The 'molten' polenta had a thin crust which released its delicious liquidey contents once its shell was broken, is the most delicious polenta I've ever tasted. (In general, I don't really care for polenta, but this was AMAZING.) The pork loin itself was cooked perfectly--look at the ring of pink in the center and it should be obvious, really.  Well salted.)
(butterscotch panna cotta-very delicious! Had notes of coffee in it which made it really fragrant, although I did not pick up on the butterscotch. The tart strawberry compote accompaniment refreshed our palates in between takes of creamy, rich, panna cotta.)
(complimentary sweets with our bill-tiny lemony meringues, jellies and I forgot about the center... but take my word that dinner was perfect!)
Until the next RW! I'll be there! :D


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