German Sausage in Montreal

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My husband and I went to Montreal, Canada last week. Even before going there, I was told so much good things about Montreal, specially about Gourmet food ( from my co-writer, Winnie), so my voltage of expectation to meet some of great food there was peak!  We tried to visit as many places as possible, where have a good reputation. This sausage, though, was not on the list, but we happen to find in Jean-Talon Food Market. The place called "William J. Walter" and since there were so many kinds of sausage exhibited  in the showcase, it was very hard to pick, but we picked 2 kinds anyway. I cannot remember all names (since they explained in  French), but  from my guessing these are probably a spicy one (a kind of chorizo?) and the very ordinary one. We brought them back  home and cooked them as explained. So I first boiled them for 7-8 minutes and grilled them for 10 more minutes afterward. Taste??? Yes! It was very goood!! It was very juicy, chewy, and has a good flavor. I preferred a spicy one and my husband preferred the ordinary one. Both are very good and I thought I should have bought more than 2 kinds. By the way, when I dropped by this sausage shop, a TV crews are shooting this place! You can probably check it out on the local TV as well.


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